Why is the Escapade gel coat finish different from other motorcycle trailers?

Escapade motorcycle trailer
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Question:I would like to buy an Escapade motorcycle trailer in just the plain gel coat finish but I’m told it is different than other gel coat trailers. Why is this?

Answer:The gel coat on the exterior of the Escapade is the same as other trailers. However, it is not a smooth finish that you would consider suitable to use as the primary finish. The reason has to do with the Escapade’s stylish curves and the way fiberglass trailers are made.

Fiberglass trailers are typically made up of a lid (the top) and a tub (the bottom). Simple fiberglass tubs are wider at the top than the bottom. This allows them to be removed from a fiberglass mold in one piece. For this reason, the gel coat surface can be buffed and used as the trailer’s primary exterior finish.

The Escapade Elite motorcycle trailer has a more complex shape that can’t be made in one solid piece. This means it is made of multiple pieces that are bonded together. That creates seams, and those seams must be finished after the molding and assembly process.