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Fatboy Hitch in the UK

Sunday 22 April, 2012

Hi Dale,

The Fatboy hitch arrived this Friday.. The customs and excise “people” slowed it’s arrive and lost some bolts out of the box… anyway that’s the negative stuff out the way….

As for the hitch -- BRILLIANT -- what a piece of precision engineering… I put it on myself (after getting some logger bolts UNF not that easy to get in this part of the world and not a chance of getting them in stainless) couldn’t wait for a pair of helping hands as in the video must have seen that video a hundred time only thing that kept me going whilst waiting for it to arrive. The ball part of the hitch is now in a local engineering firm being machined to take the European ball. So that’ll be back in a few days.

As for the wiring I’ll start work on that next weekend… I’ve put my panniers back on so your idea of putting the wiring loom in the panniers is the most practical solution to the problem of making life easy… Oh there’s a bracket with the hitch with two bolts I think it locates at the rear of the hitch with two large holes on the rear facing side I think it must be for a safety chain setup not sure….

So Dale there we are Job almost done and as for your part of the adventure I suppose its JOB DONE.

You have been an absolute star your patience’s and support has been fantastic I am so grateful for all your help.

When we do our first trip I’ll send you some photos. My mate and me are going to Padstow in Cornwall for a week in June so that’ll be its first real test it about a six hour run so I’m really looking forward to the adventure…

Oh one last thing do you do OPEN ROAD OUTFITTERS stickers to stick on my trailer. If you do please let send me a paypal receipt including postage as I would be proud to put them on my trailer.

PS Please post this on your site as one hell of a happy customer ( edit were you feel needed )

Take care and ride safely my friend

With much regards

Frank A.
Testimonial By: Frank A.

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