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Kadette Trailer

Saturday 11 April, 2009

Hi Sandy,
Just a note, to say My buddy and I rode from here all the way up through New England, covering all the states my bike hasn't been in from North Carolina up also rode into 2 Providences of Canada, Quebec, and Ontario at Niagra Falls across on the Canadian side to Detroit down through Indiana and home, and the Trailer followed the whole course without any problems, oh. I did have one mishap, We bought 2 half gallons of Vermont Maple syrup, one being a dark blend, while the other was light blend. They were both in metal cans which we put in the trailer. Got home yesterday, and today I went out to unpack everything, and the dark can of syrup broke a seal and lost half of it in the bottom of the trailer, Yuk , needless to say I had a mess to clean up. When I thought about it, it was no wonder from the roads we rode on through Vermont and upper New York. He/he, but the bottom lone is I am very pleased with the trailer's performance, most of the trip I felt like it wasn't even there, handles Great. Thanks Kid.
Testimonial By: Larry Stratton — Alabama

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