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Harley Freewheeler Trike Plug-and-Play Wiring Kit

Starting at: $129.95

NOTICE (4/17): WOW! These kits are going fast! We're expecting 250 kits by the end of April. All other items will ship separately and we'll send these as soon as we get them.

Starting in 2014, Harleys require a different wiring harness than previous years. Not only has Harley changed the type of plug it uses, new bikes also employ a CAN-BUS wiring architecture. More on that later. The long and short of it is this -- if you want to tow a trailer without affecting your bike's wiring or triggering fault codes, this is the way to do it.

This kit fits the Harley Freewheeler trike ONLY. For the Tri-Glide and all touring bikes, check out the 2014+ Harley wiring kit.

This video explains how an isolator works:

This video shows you how easy it is to install:

The stock Harley wiring kit is now set up for four-wire trailers and if you need to operate trailer lights that have a separate set of brake lights, you need a module for that. So now, it's a "4-to-5" converter. Again, that's due to the change in Harley's wiring.

The plug-and-play Molex connector featured in this kit currently fits the Freewheeler.

If you have a Harley in the model year range from 1997 to 2013, you want the previous style kit. Here's a link to the previous model Harley trailer wiring kit.

LEARN MORE: About connecting a trailer to Harley's CAN-BUS wiring system

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