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Gold Wing Trailer Wiring Harness

Starting at: $117.95

A relay-isolation harness is a good investment if you're planning to pull a trailer. This setup allows you to drive a set of trailer lights (standard bulbs or LEDs) without affecting or loading the bike's signal circuits.

In the event that a short develops in the trailer wiring (typically in the plug area), an inline fuse in the relay package protects both the bike and trailer. Your bike's lights will remain unaffected and continue to work. This video shows the isolating kit in action:

Check out our installation video:

Which kit fits MY Gold Wing?

This US-made kit is designed to plug-and-play with Gold Wings from the GL-1500 to present. The adaptor kit you want depends on the model and year of your bike. (See pictures at bottom of this page. Click on them to enlarge.)

GL-1500 adapter This fits all GL-1500 Gold Wings.

GL-1800 adapter #1: This fits the Gold Wing from 2001 to 2011 model years.

GL-1800 adapter #2: This fits the 2012+ GL-1800.

Other models: If you have an GL-1000, 1100 or 1200, use our Universal Kit.

Do I want a Four or Five wire kit?

If you are pulling a trailer with a flat-four plug, or your trailer has just one set of shared brake lights/turn signals, you want the four-wire kit. This contains a converter that will make your bike's signal and brake lights compatible with the trailer.

If your trailer has brake lights that operate separately from the turn signals, you want the five wire kit.

I don't know what the h### I want or need.

Feel free to contact us! If you need a phone call, send us your number, along with a best time to call. We'll give you a ring!

What kind of plug comes on the end to connect to my trailer?

That's something you'll need to add. We sell bike-side plugs here. There are too many different types of trailer connectors in use, and there are no standards among trailer makers. Your trailer, if purchased new, will typically come with the bike side plug you need.

Live outside the US?

We ship this kit anywhere. Contact us for a shipping price to your country.

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