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ST-1300 Hitch: All Years
Removable (Price Includes Shipping)


This easy-to-install hitch is made by Classic Industries for the ST-1300 is the official hitch of the Open Road Outfitters ST-1300 (in other words, my bike - see pics at bottom). This hitch allows you to tow a trailer on those long runs, then remove when not in use.

This hitch ships from Australia and your shipping cost is included in the retail price of this hitch. The actual hitch price is $471 USD. Shipping is $179. Pricey, yes. But unless you plan to fab a custom hitch for your ST, this is your best option if you plan to tow anything more than a light cargo trailer.

Installation is pretty simple. It requires creating small slots in rear fender under seat to allow the seating of a pair of brackets. Otherwise, installation is fully bolt-on. Includes directions and all required hardware along with 1 & 7/8" ball.

For a complete solution, pair up your hitch with one of our Motorcycle Trailer Wiring kits.

For trailers that have combined brake lights and turn signals (four wire), choose the Four-Wire Trailer Wiring kit.

For trailers that have separate brake lights and turn signals, choose the Five-Wire Trailer Wiring kit.

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