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The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel - Signed!


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About The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

The idea of motorcycle travel seems pretty simple. Throw some gear on your bike, hop on, and ride to the horizon. And sometimes, honestly, that's exactly how I plan a trip.

But when I really want to get the most from my trip, ride the best roads, be assured of seeing interesting places, and knowing that me, my gear and my bike are prepared for anything, well, that takes some planning.

That's the idea behind The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel.

This book covers the topic of motorcycle touring from a realistic perspective. I don't talk about "what kind of bike to buy" because you can tour on anything. But I do talk about things like route planning, how to choose clothing that will keep you warm and dry, how to set up your bike for covering long distances, how to add on electrical gadgets without frying the bike. And toward the end I break things out in a time table. What should you do months in advance? Weeks? How about the day before?

In the end, the goal is to be completely prepared so when your departure day does arrive, there's only one thing left to do - go ride!

To see more about what's contained in the book, check out the preview images below. Click on each one to see them in full size. The book is 192 pages with 200 color illustrations and pictures.

Each copy I sell is signed, and I'm happy to customize that as you like. So if you plan to give them as gifts, just tell me to whom I should sign, and I will!

Need more than one copy? If you purchase multiple copies, I will consolidate shipping as I am able, and pass the savings to you.

What Others Are Saying About The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

Dale does an excellent job of organizing the planning work of the touring motorcyclist. This is well reserached and his writing is clear and easily understood. Very helpful for a new rider such as myself. Helped make my first long trip (2,000 miles in a week) a successful one. Thanks Dale! - Whitehorse Press Customer

Getting away via motorcycle is easy to do - just jump on the bike and go, right? However, traveling by motorcycle can be difficult to prepare for. There are dozens of considerations, so a guide to walk you through it all is essential. Preparedness is key, and a new book from Whitehorse Press called The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel: Tips, Technology, Advanced Techniques by Dale Coyner is just what the doctor ordered. - Roadbike

This book is not an introduction to motorcycle touring. You can find other books out there that teach the basics. No, what the author does is to describe every item on his travel checklist - do you need this? Can you leave it behind? What does it do? How does it work? ... The benefits of each device are explained, along with some ideas of their costs. Here's where the book will pay for itself, in avoiding mistakes that could bust your budget. - Rider Magazine

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