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Motorcycle Journeys Through North America - Signed!


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About Motorcycle Journeys Through North America

I am pleased to finally make available signed copies of the book that I've always wanted to write -- Motorcycle Journeys Through North America.

This title, part of the Motorcycle Journeys series from Whitehorse Press, is a little different than the others, in both the design of the routes and the scope of the rides.

When Whitehorse began this series over 20 years ago, the idea was to create exceptional regional riding guides. If you planned a ride to New England, there'd be a title to give you great rides in that area. The Sierras? Cascades? Rockies and Appalachians? Covered. Covered. And covered. Over time, Whitehorse has assembled ride guides for many of the world's great riding regions.

But, still, I felt like there was an opportunity to do something a little different. Tours on a little grander scale. Routes that covered all the must-ride roads, and must-see places, connected by more great roads.

That idea - a "bucket list" of rides - became the foundation for what I believe to be the most comprehensive guide to the best roads and routes in the U.S. and Canada that have ever been collected between the covers of a single volume.

A sampling of some of the great highways that are part of the routes in this book include:

  • The Cabot Trail
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway
  • The Natchez Trace
  • The Three Sisters
  • Beartooth Highway
  • Needles Parkway
  • US 666 - The Devil's Highway (now US 491)
  • The Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway
  • The Icefields Parkway
  • The Al-Can Highway
  • The Million Dollar Highway
  • US 101 and the Pacific Coast Highway
  • ...and a couple hundred more great roads, known and unknown

    In addition to selecting all the best touring roads I could think of, the routes are laid out to help you easily plan trips ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months - or more! Every region is covered in one or more loops and each chapter indicates where routes connect which means uninterrupted rides of tens of thousands of miles are laid out and ready for you to ride!

    To see more about what's contained in the book, check out the preview images below. Click on each one to see them in full size. Images include a map of the areas covered, chapter samples, and the table of contents. All together there are 400 pages covering 17 regions with 350 pictures...probably as many maps!

    Each copy I sell is signed, and I'm happy to customize that as you like. So if you plan to give them as gifts, just tell me to whom I should sign, and I will!

    Need more than one copy? If you purchase multiple copies, I will consolidate shipping as I am able, and pass the savings to you.

    What Others Are Saying About Motorcycle Journeys Through North America

    Clement Salvador,

    Simply the creation of this book is impressive! Dale Coyner decided to take a look-see at nearly all of the United States, and a goodly part of Canada, and figure out where the best rides are. That is a lot of real estate to cover, and probably some five million miles of possible roads. The book is not really a guide, more like a book of previews -- like movie previews, to give you a taste of what a longer view might be like . . . .armchair reading -- and viewing, with some 350 pictures, many of which are enough to get a rider to put his (or her) toothbrush in the tankbag and take off to any number of possible destinations. . . .

    Ken Bingenheimer, Motorcycles,

    Perhaps the best thing Dale Coyner accomplishes with Motorcycle Journeys Through North America is pushing you to think big. Sure, that annual 1-week trip is wonderful, but hey, look at what you could do in 3 weeks! You know you want to. Just let that bug bite you and you'll figure out a way, won't you?

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