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Why Buy From Open Road Outfitters?

Buying a trailer is a big decision. It's not only expensive, it's a purchase that will affect your riding experience. If you've never pulled a trailer before and you're thinking about a trailer, you're probably wondering...why doesn't anyone around me sell these? How will I know I'm going to like this trailer or camper? What happens if there are problems? Who can I trust?

I started Open Road to help overcome those issues. Here are just a few reasons you can buy with confidence from Open Road.

#1 - The selection of trailers offered at Open Road is the result of a lot of homework. I've been pulling trailers almost as long as I've been riding (nearly twenty years). So, I know what makes a good trailer and what doesn't. For that reason, you can rest assured that all of the trailers we sell are well built, easy to tow, and will last for years.

#2 - You can trust me to give you an informed and honest opinion. If I think our products are not the right match for you, I'll say so. If I think you need a particular type of hitch or a certain type of wiring package, I'll say so. If you don't, I'll tell you that, too.

#3 - All the trailers we sell are built with pride and quality in the United States of America--Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida--made with first-quality materials. As an extra bonus, when you purchase one of our trailers, your dollars stay at home which ultimately benefits everyone.

#4 - Open Road is the only online parts source for motorcycle trailers. Our catalog of parts is growing all the time, ensuring that you can easily find the parts and accessories you need for your trailer without hunting around.

#5 - I know trailers inside and out. In fact, I've published an entire website full of content about trailers to help you make an informed decisions. Check out the Motorcycle Trailer Guide to learn everything there is to know about motorcycle trailering. I've also traveled enough by motorcycle to write a couple of books. Most of the time, I had a motorcycle camper in tow.

#6 - Finally, here what our customers think. They say it better than we can. Click here to view our customer testimonials

P.S. So...why don't more places sell trailers? When I first started Open Road, I wondered why myself. You'll rarely see a trailer at a bike shop. As I've gotten to know the trailer business, the answer isn't just one thing.

First, trailers appeal to only a small segment of the riding population. Motorcycle dealers must maximize their floorspace to appeal to a broad variety of shoppers. Second, there is no factory financing option for trailers, so any inventory a dealer carries must be purchased outright. That means the dealer would have to tie up a lot of capital to carry any substantial number of trailers. (Dealers don't own all those bikes on their showroom floor. The factory does.) Third, the average profit margin on trailers is only a little higher than new motorcycles, which are pretty thin to begin with.

What it all boils down to his this: Few dealers have the economic incentive to carry any significant inventory of a product that sells to a small audience, has small profit margins and that they have to pay for in full.

So...what are we doing in this business? Thanks to the Internet, we can keep our overhead low and manage a business in this tiny segment. And besides, like I said at the beginning, I really enjoy trailering. I want to make sure you do, too.